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Spotmau has released their new PC boosting software called Spotmau Powersuite 2013. This new tool features a lot of things including booting up any computer, fixing and installing Windows, recovering data and passwords, partitioning and formatting the hard drive, cloning and backing up your system, performing a 360-degree PC health check, optimizing and speeding up your system, cleaning up history and protecting your privacy, and a lot more. Let’s take a look at each of these features in more details. Boot Up Any Computer This tool is your best choice in fixing PC troubles such as computer crashes and Windows that cannot be entered. You can also use it to work under boot situation. Spotmau Powersuite 2013 Grasp the chance to save big! 30% off for 3 main PC Life Saving Suites!
Rescues A Crashed Computer Or Hard Drive.
This utility can rescue your crashed computer or hard drive. It can boot up your PC even if it is full of viruses, recovers bluescreen or blackscreen crashes, fixes random crashes and booting problems, and many more. Get The Best All-in-one PC Toolkit
Recovers Damaged Data
It is really frustrating if your files can no longer be opened due to a damaged hard drive. Don’t worry though if you have Spotmau since it can recover data from crashed hard drives. Moreover,

it can also rescue files from accidentally formatted hard drive and even the deleted data. It is capable of recovering data from a hard disk, flash drive, ZIP, Smart Media, SD cards, and MemorySticks.
Clones The Entire Hard Drive And Partition
It can clone or copy all things such as Windows, files, programs, and even settings from your old storage to a new one.
Formats, Partitions, And Cleans Up Your Hard Drive
Installing a new hard drive is a bit of a hassle. You can make it easier by using this tool. It can also partition and clean your hard drive for safer usage.360-degree PC Health Check
It scans your PC’s system, software, and hardware and checks the errors and defects. It can then fix those errors for you. Get 30% off for Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012/BootSuite 2012/PowerSuite 2013!
Optimizes And Speeds Up Your System Your PC can go faster using this tool. It can speed up the start time of your Windows OS, clean up trash files, fixes unnecessary running programs, and deep cleans your system to optimize the use of your memory and processor.
Provides Privacy Protection For You Protect yourself from personal matters such as online bank accounts, website you visited, and what not, by using this tool.

Real Expert Live Help, Fix all your PC Problems

It cleans up everything you searched so that your boss, wife, or anyone cannot see the places you visited online. Moreover, it can hide your personal files such as photos and videos in your computer. You might have intimate images out there that you don’t want any people to see. This tool is great in providing a safe storage for you. Spotmau Powersuite 2013 will speed up ypur PC!
Finds And Resets Lost Passwords And Keys
It is unavoidable to forget our passwords and keys. This tool is great in restoring those things for you. Don’t worry about hacking and such since it requires a physical address that only you can access. tuneup 2012, spotmaupowersuite 2012, tuneup utilities 2012, tuneup utilities 2013, spotmau bootsuite, spotmau review, tuneuputilities 2013, powersuite 2013,tuneup 2013 key, tuneup 2013,tuneup 2013 serial, powersuite 2013,tuneup 2013 crack,tuneup 2013
Spotmau Powersuite 2013 is an awesome tool that you can use to optimize the use of your PC. Users out there are already giving positive reviews about this program. Thus, you have to start using it too!

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